Kristoffer Wright

Kristoffer Wright: Alaskan Wood-EP

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Artist: Kristoffer Wright
Title: Alaskan Wood-EP

Meet Kristoffer Wright - from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. He's been playing music as long as he can remember. Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Kristoffer's musical talent has captured audiences for years. His catchy folk-rock compositions continue to grab listeners, young and old alike, year after year. "Alaskan Wood", his highly anticipated debut EP, will be released in December of 2009. The entirely self-produced five-track extended play acts as a window into his past, telling personal stories about traveling and life. Kristoffer is promoting "Alaskan Wood (EP)" with live performances, radio play, and with the help of such websites as bandcamp, thesixtyone and myspace. A brief history: Kristoffer began his 'official' musical life with the alto saxophone (mostly due to it's cool shape and color) in 1990 at the tender age of nine. From 1995 to1999 he studied with renowned saxophonist Ed Fraedrich, during which time he truly began to lay a solid musical foundation. Throughout his adolescent years he became affluent with the saxophone family, performing mostly classical and jazz arrangements on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. While attending James Madison University from 1999 to 2004, he co-founded several acts including rock-band Alpine Recess and currently active funk-band Midnight Spaghetti. Kristoffer began singing and performing on other instruments such as the electric and acoustic guitar, the electric bass and the drum kit. Of course, his alto sax made constant appearances no matter which band he was with. It was during this time period that Kristoffer wrote and performed "Rain" (Alaskan Wood, EP) while with Alpine Recess. From 2005 to 2006 he traveled North America by sea, from Alaska to Panama and back. While doing so he met and jammed with numerous musicians from around the world, further expanding his palette and appreciation for various musical cultures. Most notably, influences from the Lesser Antilles can be heard in his performances today. It was during this period that Kristoffer wrote title track "Alaskan Wood" (Alaskan Wood, EP) while hiking in Alaska with close friend and co-writer Bo McAllister. A few of the places Kristoffer has performed include: the Nissan Pavilion (Bristow, VA), the State Theater (Falls Church, VA), the Building Museum (Washington D.C.), the German Embassy (Washington D.C.), the Presidential Inauguration (1996, Washington D.C.), Radio station WXJM 88.7 (Harrisonburg, VA), James Madison University, Radford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Spaghettifest, Cecilfest, Beach Street USA (Virginia Beach, VA) and the Green Oak Pub (Virginia Beach, VA) Be sure to order his debut EP, "Alaskan Wood", available December 2009. It can be found for sale at "His personal stories of traveling and life - in his unique metaphorical style - are sure to reverberate with young and old alike".

1.1 Alaskan Wood
1.2 Snuffed Up
1.3 A Morning After
1.4 Rain
1.5 Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key

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