Kristopher Stone

Kristopher Stone: Shades of Shasta One

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Kristopher Stone
Title: Shades of Shasta One

Shades of Shasta, One is the first in a series of CDs and DVDs based on Mount Shasta, CA. Created by Kristopher Stone and Rex Golston, Mount Shasta local music artists, this CD is an environmental sound experience with an interpretive music soundtrack of Mount Shasta. Instrumentation includes entrancing percussion sounds & rhythms, flutes, Yamaha WX-5 wind controller, acoustic guitar and tamboura, woven together by nature sounds from the mountain area, haunted by the call of the passing night train. Composition titles include Native Call, Wisdom Vortex, Train Drum, Shasta Bolero, Native Call (reprise), Wisdom (reprise) Vortex (reprise), Train Drum (reprise) and Shasta Bolero (reprise). Kristopher Stone is also known for his other works: The Chakras CD, Inner Christmas CD, Tantra Dance CD, Various Song Collection CDs and Faraway Places Within (with Ahria). Rex Golston is known for his eclectic percussion collection, styles and his Rhythm Playshops.

1.1 Native Call
1.2 Wisdom Vortex
1.3 Train Drum
1.4 Shasta Bolero
1.5 Native Call (Reprise)
1.6 Wisdom Vortex (Reprise)
1.7 Shasta Bolero (Reprise)
1.8 Train Drum (Reprise)

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