Krouse / Avakian / Stulberg

Krouse / Avakian / Stulberg: Armenian Requiem

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Artist: Krouse / Avakian / Stulberg
Title: Armenian Requiem

Composed to mark the centenary of the genocide of 1915, the Armenian Requiem is a large-scale sacred work structured around the liturgical chants encountered in requiem services appended to the traditional Armenian Mass. It is written in a form that, uniquely for the music of the country, is not based wholly on the model of the Latin Mass. Instead, taking the precedent of Britten's War Requiem, Ian Krouse embeds poems as interludes, and his work- a poignant meditation on loss couched in a marriage of Western and Armenian forms- offers both conciliation and hope. American composer Ian Krouse has been lauded in the music press and is widely known for his pioneering efforts in the development of the guitar quartet. Over the past few years Krouse's vocal works have begun to receive more attention. In addition to hundreds of performances annually by guitarists and guitar quartets all around the world, Krouse's works have been performed or recorded by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Ukraine Radio and Television Orchestra, the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, and the UCLA Philharmonic Orchestra.

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