Krux: III: He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Krux

Title: III: He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars
Label: GMR Music Sweden

This is the last part of a colossal trilogy that began with the critically acclaimed Krux (2002) and Krux II (2006). This time with an under title: "HE WHO SLEEPS AMONGST THE STARS". Krux takes the listener on an epic metal journey that starts with the spine chilling title track, and ends with the 12 minute tale of PRINCE AZAAR AND THE INVISIBLE PAGODA. Great stuff! In between we get to know THE HADES ASSEMBLY - a group of men that want to rule the earth together with the guy downstairs! Krux III - HE WHO SLEEPS AMONGST THE STARS is a formidable METAL FEAST for everyone into doom, heavy, epic and powerful music!

1.1 He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars
1.2 The Hades Assembly
1.3 Emily Payne (And the Black Maze)
1.4 Small Deadly Curses
1.5 Prince Azaar and the Invisible Pagoda
1.6 The Death Farm
1.7 A Place of Crows

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