Krzysztof Piotrowicz

Krzysztof Piotrowicz: Russian Guitar 1

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Artist: Krzysztof Piotrowicz
Title: Russian Guitar 1

Russian Guitar music performed by Krzysztof Piotrowicz on both 6 string and 7 string guitars. Piotrowicz is Australia's pioneer performer of the Russian guitar. Featuring Russian Romances and Russian Romani (Gypsy) music arranged by Russian guitar composers Sergei Orekhov, Mikhail Yelutin, Andrei Sychra annd Sergei Rudnev. The Russian guitar has been around since the turn of the 19th century. It differs from the Spanish classical guitar in that it has 7 strings and is tuned to a G major chord (D,B,G,d,b,g,d'). The Russian guitar lost popularity during the 20th century to the western 6 string guitar. Currently the instrument survives with the music of Roma (Gypsy) performers in Russia, and a small amount of concert guitarists (mainly in Russia). ??????? ?????? - ??????? ????????? (?????? ??????, ?????? ??????, ?????? ??????, ?????? ?????)

1.1 The Godmother/Kumushka
1.2 The Gypsies Were Travelling
1.3 Vengerka
1.4 Tramp/Brodgyaga
1.5 Sokolov's Polka
1.6 Why Did I Fall in Love
1.7 Do Not Regret, Don Not Shed Tears
1.8 I Set Out Alone Along the Road
1.9 Futile Words
1.10 Fragnent Bunches of White Acacia
1.11 Only Once in My Life
1.12 Ural Rowan Tree
1.13 Ragtime/Friendship
1.14 My Joy Is Alive
1.15 A Letter to My Mother
1.16 As from Beyond the Forest
1.17 Love - Magic State
1.18 On the Hills of Manchuria
1.19 Maple Tree

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