Ku-Ya: Return to Zero Original Sound Track 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ku-Ya

Title: Return to Zero Original Sound Track 2
Label: CD Baby

As for us, vocaloid makes the original story of the leading role. The name of the story is Return to zero. In the world of the future, it is the vocaloid which evolved and the story that it described human coexistence in. This CD is the album which recorded the theme song of the story and a song of insertion. Please enjoy the diversity of the musical piece that vocaloid sing in a loud voice. It is a work getting big support in proud of great popularity to a Japanese youth.

1.1 Vengeance
1.2 Direction (Inst)
1.3 For Twins
1.4 Ikusen No Iro
1.5 Prayer
1.6 Can't Forget
1.7 Tsun de Rin
1.8 Jigen Wo Koete
1.9 Prayer (Len Ver.)
1.10 Vengeance (Off Vocal)
1.11 For Twins (Off Vocal)
1.12 Ikusen No Iro (Off Vocal)
1.13 Prayer (Off Vocal)
1.14 Can't Forget (Off Vocal)
1.15 Tsun de Rin (Off Vocal)

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