Kubical Xphere: Xpheresongs

Kubical Xphere: Xpheresongs
Title: Xpheresongs
Label: CD Baby

It's been over 25 years since the first raw tracks of what many have called a promising garage band were laid down in a small Berkeley 4 track studio. The soulful writing style of the bands leader, Ed Lackey was driven by bassist John Carroll and drummer Greg McRay. Many of the bands tracks are lost forever due to tape deterioration. The tracks here have survived and, thanks to digital recording, will last forever. Sadly, the band split up just 3 short years after it's first recordings. This album showcases that 3 year span beginning with the funk laden Anthem and ending with the very soft and reflective Springtime Rain. Now in 2001, the band has been reformed with two of the original members. They are currently hard at work in the studio putting together their second album. Enjoy the magic that is Kubical Xphere.

1.1 Anthem
1.2 Unknown Destiny Part 1
1.3 Time Out of Mind
1.4 Unknown Destiny Part 2/ Acid Rain
1.5 Soliloquy
1.6 Mystic Phase
1.7 The Moment
1.8 Battle Between Heart and Mind
1.9 What Are You Gonna Do?
1.10 Best Friend
1.11 Shadow Dancer
1.12 Springtime Rain

Kubical Xphere: Xpheresongs

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