Kulayd: Hustle Solo

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kulayd

Title: Hustle Solo
Label: CD Baby

Detroit's street banger from Kulayd. This microphone murderer creates the perfect gangsta rap soundtrack for cruisin the streets with appearances from East Side Chedda Boyz, Digital Underground, etc.

1.1 Brothers Keeper (16 Ki's) Feat. Dirty Redd
1.2 Switch Play FM Skit Feat Wax Tax 'N' Dre
1.3 International Pimpin Feat. Eastside Chedda Boyz
1.4 Cover Yo Face Feat. Dirty Redd
1.5 Street SH$T Feat. Strategy
1.6 She (Act Like She Don't) Feat. Jimi Mac
1.7 Come on Shorty
1.8 About Me Feat. Phil (Of Digital Underground) and Mr. Broham
1.9 Dog Wit It
1.10 Radio Interview Clips
1.11 Position Feat. Roc and Phil (Of Digital Underground)
1.12 Krush Groove Skit
1.13 Find Me
1.14 Answering Machine
1.15 It's on Feat. Dirty Redd
1.16 Twist a Bottle Feat. Jae Slimm
1.17 Pimpin Ain't Dead Feat. Dirty Redd
1.18 M.D.A. (Metro Detroit Area)
1.19 No More Playing Feat. Grim Reality
1.20 I Like

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