Kumara and Catherine: Love Songs to Mother Earth

Kumara and Catherine: Love Songs to Mother Earth
Title: Love Songs to Mother Earth
Label: CD Baby

The music you are about to hear is truly a Miracle of Love and Friendship. It is brought to you by Catherine and Kumara, who with no previous recording experience, went into the Magical underground recording studio of Roger (The Wizard) Barnes, to birth these songs from the depths of their Souls. Catherine and Kumara are both of Cherokee and Scot-Irish descent who are lifetime friends. Their families have been close for four generations. These songs are of Native American origins and from the ancient Vedic tradition - so it is a marriage of East and West, with the nurturing and powerful sounds of Mother Earth Herself. They began singing together in 1988 at Kumara's Cross Lake home on full moons - just for the Joy of it. Several months later they saw Tibetan Monks singing in a similar style and also doing the mudras (hand movements) that had innocently merged into the singing. This music is created to relax and lift you into a space of Deep Peace and Love, assist your body to heal itself, to experience your Childlike Joy of Life and to remind you that you are never alone. Our music is also about the journey of two women of a certain age, who decided to follow a dream in spite of the many obstacles along the path. We want you to know it is never too late to follow your Heart with Passion and to create your Heart's desire. We dedicate these songs to the Peacemakers of the World. May we be All-for-One and One-for All. Special recognition and thanks to our beloved sons, Ananda and Stinson - our best teachers! We also express our gratitude to Mother Earth for the many Blessings we have recieved from our Sacred Circle of Family, Friends and Teachers. With special thanks to Grandmother Twyla Nitsch for her gentle prodding, sense of humor, unconditional love and support. May the world be filled with Peace and Love....Kumara and Catherine.

1.1 Beloved Grandmother Twylah
1.2 Let Us Be Together
1.3 Fullness of Life
1.4 From Darkness to Light
1.5 Grandfather Mountain
1.6 Cherokee Crone
1.7 Victory to Life
1.8 Song of Orion
1.9 Truth Alone Triumphs
1.10 Butterfly Breathing
1.11 World Peace Blessing
1.12 Alleluia Aria
1.13 Blessings to All Beings
1.14 Gratitude to the Masters (The Peacemakers)
1.15 Beloved Grandmother Twylah

Kumara and Catherine: Love Songs to Mother Earth

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