Kumiko Endo

Kumiko Endo: Beauty of Silence

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kumiko Endo

Title: Beauty of Silence
Label: CD Baby

Two of Japanese opera's most renowned and beloved singers, Toshiya Inagaki (baritone) and Kumiko Endo (soprano), join forces to create a masterful and brilliantly inspired musical experience with their latest offering, 'The Beauty of Silence'. With a broad range of songs, from classic Japanese favorite to heart-warming hymns, this album is an elegant, breathtaking, and truly unforgettable operatic treasure.

1.1 Subeteno Hitono Kokoroni Hanawo - Toshiya Inagaki
1.2 Sakura Sakura - Kumiko Endo
1.3 Kojo No Tsuki - Toshiya Inagaki
1.4 Orandabune - Kumiko Endo
1.5 How Great Thou Art - Toshiya Inagaki
1.6 Pescador de Hombres - Kumiko Endo
1.7 Hamabe No Uta - Kumiko Endo
1.8 Hakone Hachiri - Toshiya Inagaki
1.9 Karamatsu - Kumiko Endo
1.10 Kimini Tsutaetai - Toshiya Inagaki
1.11 Kikasete Kudasai - Toshiya Inagaki
1.12 Shuyo Anatawa Wagachikara - Toshiya Inagaki

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