Kurt Barkdull

Kurt Barkdull: Spirit of the Lake

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kurt Barkdull

Title: Spirit of the Lake
Label: CD Baby

As The Great Lake shining waters can reflect many emotions I feel the greatest is that of starting anew. To accompany this mood the music is melodically upbeat, supported by World rhythms and accented with natures' awakening sounds. Also capturing the serene reflective sides of the dawn the music is ethereal and thematic with a hypnotic undertow of rhythm. Vibes, marimbas, wood flutes, saxophones, guitars, basses, steel drums, sparce vocal effects and an array of tropical percussion contribute to the overall textural vision. Spirit of the lake is an eclectic presentation of instrumental melodic world jazz with pop, island, ethnic, orchestral overtones. There are no pauses between tracks as nature fills in the gaps. (waves, thunder, seagulls, wind, etc.) The rising sun peers over the rim of the earth as clouds whisper overhead while swirling sands sing under my feet Melodic Rhythms surround the shining waters reminding me of our world's passionate heart Now and through thousands of years we've another chance to dance with the dawn and be born through the SPIRIT OF THE LAKE Kurt Barkdull.

1.1 Rhythm of the Waves
1.2 Island Breeze
1.3 Prelude to the Sun
1.4 Spirit of the Lake
1.5 Bay Awakening
1.6 Ancient Passage
1.7 Dancing with the Dawn
1.8 Soul of the Storm
1.9 Swirling Sands
1.10 Cascading Moon

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