Kurt Van Sickle

Kurt Van Sickle: Climbing the Mountain

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kurt Van Sickle

Title: Climbing the Mountain
Label: CD Baby

Climbing the Mountain is a celebration of the glorious hope and innate goodness of humankind as we climb the mountain of self mastery. A seamless, flowing texture blends choral vocals and stringed instruments into this simple yet profound song of unconditional love. This melodic chant expresses a yearning to connect with something greater, something more than the every day joys and sorrows of our life. It embodies the desire to know the joy of that connectedness to God's love, the joy of that which is beyond our every day awareness of ourselves. The joy of God's love. Music can stimulate and entertain. Other kinds of music can open a door for the listener to step into the peace, joy and harmony of what life can be when we are full of hope and love. This is music that serves the listener. It is music you move into as it flows into you. It is the music of love overflowing and peace beyond measure. This profoundly beautiful extended chant is used by doctors, religious orders, yoga and meditation groups, psychologists, lecturers, authors, and holistic health practitioners worldwide. And it is dedicated to the devoted hearts of all paths of love and forgiveness.

1.1 Climbing the Mountain

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