Kutmah Presents

Kutmah Presents: Sketchbook Radio Archives Vol. 1

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Artist: Kutmah Presents

Artist: Kutmah Presents
Title: Sketchbook Radio Archives Vol. 1
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Kutmah started Sketchbook as a radio show in 2003 on Dublab in Los Angeles. A year later Sketchbook became the first instrumental beat night in the city. This was the breading grounds for the already flourished but almost unknown beat scene outside of Los Angeles. Artists such as Ras_G, Dibiase, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Flying Lotus would frequent the club and would bring beat CD's to showcase their talent whenever they pleased and Kutmah always got their beat CD's at the end of the night. Sketchbook Archives Series is a compilation that dates back to this era and the present day. It features exclusive tracks from artists such as Natureboy Flako, Samiyam, Al Dobson Jr., Ras_G, Flying Lotus, Pablo Ygal, Mo Kolours, Shash'u and many more.

1.1 Pablo Ygal - the World's Going Fucking Crazy
1.2 Natureboy Flako - Echoes of Time
1.3 I, Ced - All in My Mind
1.4 Chunky - Sangoma
1.5 Christoph El Truento - Abandoned in Space
1.6 Mo Kolours - Alafia
1.7 Creole Plus - Revolt
1.8 Jeen Bassa - Freak Out
1.9 Al Dobson Jr. - Who U Think U Are
1.10 Jesvs Lo5T - Ghetto Child
1.11 Dibia$E - Lofi Social
1.12 Akello G. Light - Hugs for Everybody
1.13 Pudge ; Buttermilk Perkins - Smokn Good
1.14 Mo Rayon - Breathe Low
1.15 Dorian Concept - Hand
1.16 Ras G ; the Afrikan Space Program - King's Riddim
1.17 Darkhouse Family - Moving 909S
1.18 Dagger DX - Triguna
1.19 Tehbis - Fogsmoke
1.20 Josip Kiobucar - Potatoes
1.21 Samiyam - Drugs
1.22 Flying Lotus - Data Entry
1.23 Shah'u - Zikzik

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