Kyane Howland

Kyane Howland: Into

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kyane Howland

Title: Into
Label: CD Baby

Award-winning singer composer Kyane Howland is a creative diva who bravely dives INTO the 'two hours and ten everywheres between our chairs'. Fascinated with the falling in and out of coffeecups we humans do when trying to relate, she takes a whimsical yet searing look at love and it's divine piracy. Songs were magpie-eyed from Mexico, backpockets, pyschiatric units, hidden rivers, black cats in heat, healing machines of outsider artists, from under umbrellas, whipperwhirl wings, and Anne Sexton's poetry whispered at three a.m. Kyane has appeared on Public Radio, disappeared in a great lake, has reappeared in coffeeshops, universities, and theaters to offer 'mouthfuls of soul'! Imagine Suzanne Vega and Tom Waits sitting at a splintered table breathing secrets through the steam of coffee and arm-wrestling.

1.1 River
1.2 Pirate Song
1.3 Zihua
1.4 Heat
1.5 MMM
1.6 Alleyoop I Love You
1.7 You, a Me
1.8 Free
1.9 Believe in Nothing
1.10 Rat's Star
1.11 Emery Blagdon's Healing Machine
1.12 See Me
1.13 Thunder Under An Umbrella
1.14 Inkling

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