Kyle Taylor: Between I Love You & Goodbye

Kyle Taylor: Between I Love You & Goodbye
Title: Between I Love You & Goodbye
Label: CD Baby

Kyle was born in Illinois just outside of St. Louis. Shortly after he was born, his family moved to a small town in central Oklahoma. It wasn't long until Kyle was singing in church, taking vocal and piano lessons, and performing in school plays and writing poetry. Kyle recalls writing his first song on the piano after suffering his first broken heart at the young age of 15. "I always felt compelled to write poetry, but it took getting my heart broken at summer camp to get me to put music and poetry together," he laughs. After graduating high-school, Kyle attended college in Oklahoma before moving to Texas to pursue a career in business. Like the words to the song "Fly" indicate, after several years working for a major corporation Kyle came to the realization that there was something missing from his life. "I was never much of a dreamer before. I was always the type of person who would never take chances. I remember sitting in my office one day at work, looking out of my window and down at the freeway below, when the life I was living hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been lying to myself, and I couldn't ignore the nagging feeling that I was meant for something more. I had been living my life for everyone but me, and I realized that the person I wanted to be was not who I had become. I decided at that moment to make some major changes." The changes brought about by that moment eventually led Kyle back to St. Louis where he began singing and playing gospel music with family and friends at family functions. Late one evening, Kyle sang and played a song he had written titled "What If I Dream." "I remember someone telling me that I should write more songs and consider putting a CD together," he remarks. Within a period of less than a year, he had written all of the music on his current CD titled "Between I Love You & Goodbye" and began his first recording endeavor. When asked to categorize his music, he responds "I consider myself first and foremost to be a writer. I enjoy music that moves me and makes me feel something, regardless of the genre. I write that way as well. Most of my music comes from an emotional place inside of me, so I never really plan to write in a certain style, it just happens. I try to write so that the person listening to the music or thinking about the lyric can feel the emotion that inspired me to write the song. The greatest satisfaction for me is having someone say that something I have written has touched them in some way, because I consider that to be my true calling." Today, Kyle is working on promoting the release of "Between I Love You & Goodbye" and is busy writing material for his second album titled "Pieces of Me." "If you had told me just two years ago that I would be working on material for my second album, I would have told you that you were crazy. Today, I understand that writing music is a major part of me that cannot be ignored. I feel like I have finally found a part of me that has been missing all along. I will always be writing music."

1.1 Fly
1.2 He Knew
1.3 Pride
1.4 Between I Love You ; Goodbye
1.5 Just Drive
1.6 I'm Still Here
1.7 This'll Feel Better
1.8 Someone You Used to Know
1.9 Tell Me
1.10 What If I Dream
1.11 Inside Your Heart
1.12 Begin Again
1.13 Gift Was Holding Me

Kyle Taylor: Between I Love You & Goodbye

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