Kyu Sakamoto

Kyu Sakamoto: Sukiyaki & Other Japanese Hits

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Artist: Kyu Sakamoto

Artist: Kyu Sakamoto
Title: Sukiyaki & Other Japanese Hits
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Go! Bop! Present a reissue of Kyu Sakamoto's Sukiyaki And Other Japanese Hits, originally released in 1962. If you are curious how Japanese pop music sounded in the early '60s, here is one of the most popular examples. This reissue will hopefully intrigue fans of abundantly orchestrated '60s pop to listen to Kyu Sakamoto, who sadly perished in an aircraft accident in 1985, one of the biggest events of it's kind in flight history. What do you hear from this very young but already experienced man? Mysterious, soulful songs with big orchestral arrangements, tunes that show elements of Latin music, such as bossa nova, typically elegant doo wop, and pop ballads of the day with heartwarming melodies, some exotic tunes that draw influence from what western people might consider Japanese music, real or fictional. The most popular tune that became a worldwide hit is "Sukiyaki", which later received great success with the German language version by The Blue Diamonds, a Dutch band of Indonesian origin. Sakamoto did not spare any style popular in the '50s up to the early '60s. You'll hear elements of chanson among many others. The whole album is relaxed and beautiful, and is executed with a friendly expression. The orchestra, the big band, whoever accompanies Kyu Sakamoto, dresses all the compositions with passionate and pliable garment of absolute elegance. This album definitely is certainly joyous. The use of Japanese language, which might appeal to native speakers and those with a fondness for exotic aspects, makes this record even more outstanding. It's a colorful and memorable effort.

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