L-Love: Political Science

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Product Type: CD
Artist: L-Love

Title: Political Science
Label: CD Baby

1.1 Underground Legend Out Here? Featuring Booda Cess
1.2 Crack Drug Featuring Booda Cess
1.3 What's the Use (Free at Last) Performed By 2Ban
1.4 Flashy Five Featuring Booda Cess
1.5 You!
1.6 Your War on Terror Featuring Booda Cess
1.7 Let Them Wear It Performed By 2Ban
1.8 Do Yo' Thang Featuring Chief Piece
1.9 Animosity Performed By Booda Cess
1.10 Forget What a Hater Says! (Radio Edit) Featuring Pola Bear and B
1.11 Hurt
1.12 My Microphone
1.13 Night 2 Remember
1.14 Greenguys
1.15 Club Is Calling Remix
1.16 SHHH!!!! Performed By Russ Rock
1.17 ...Ing Performed By Russ Rock
1.18 5 Hour Hike Performed By Buco

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