L. Scatter

L. Scatter: Figueroa & Sunset

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Artist: L. Scatter

Artist: L. Scatter
Title: Figueroa & Sunset
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

2018 marks the reprisal of Los Angeles' L. Scatter with the new 7" Figueroa & Sunset, returning after 2011's Beat Swap Meet presents: The All Vinyl Mixtape. L. Scatter's new 7" features the heavy weight boom bap tracks "Figueroa Street", "Sunset Blvd./Cesar E. Chavez Ave", and "Chick Hearn Court". As bonus beats, "Sun" and "Fig" exist as short instrumentals of "Figueroa" and "Sunset". As a building block in Project Blowed's infamous history, L. Scatter's legacy continues on a straight arrow progression, keeping intact the foundations that shaped an entire movement of technical hip-hop.

1.1 Figueroa Street
1.2 Sun (Bonus Beat)
1.3 Fig (Bonus Beat)
1.4 Sunset BLVD. / Cesar E Chavez Ave
1.5 Chick Hearn Court

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