La Belle Epoque Ensemble

La Belle Epoque Ensemble: Traditional Music & Songs of Old Paris

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Artist: La Belle Epoque Ensemble
Title: Traditional Music & Songs of Old Paris

La Belle Epoque Ensemble take you back to the streets of Paris at a time when local musicians would populate the cafes and bars playing what would come to be known as "bal-musette," a style of French music and dance which arose in 1880s Paris. The French upper-class began frequenting these establishments, looking for excitement among the poor and downtrodden. Some staged mock police raids for their benefit. It was in about 1945 that musette became the most popular kind of French music. It's biggest stars were known across the country until about 1960, when it's popularity declined drastically. Now a form of modern musette is emerging, and a revival of such music is apparent, especially in big towns. Original classic recordings, digitally remastered.

1.1 Les Meres D a Present
1.2 La Femme Du Roulier
1.3 Les Commis Voyageurs
1.4 Gennevilliers
1.5 Aux Oiseaux
1.6 A Montmerte
1.7 Rose Blanche
1.8 Les Canuts
1.9 A Saint-Lazare
1.10 A la Villete
1.11 Eloge de L'eau
1.12 Chevaliers de la Table Ronde
1.13 Ma Vigue
1.14 Ah! Que Nos Peres
1.15 Je Ne Mettray Plus D'eau en Mon Vin
1.16 La Vigue Au Vin

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