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La Familia Son: La Clave de Mi Corazan

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Artist: La Familia Son

Title: La Clave de Mi Corazan
Label: CD Baby

LA FAMILIA SON 'La Clave de Mi Corazón' features La Familia Son's repertoire of traditional son and old-school salsa, with an inflection of East Bay funk and Cuban timba. Afro-Caribbean folkloric music: rumba, bomba, and son form a central role in the group's compositions and arrangements. La Familia's original music also reflects thoughts about the world around us: the importance of music, community, and family mixed with a sharp look at the need for peace and justice. Of course all of the music is great for dancing! Please see the list of songs below to get a further idea of La Familia's repertoire. La Familia Son is comprised of Violeta Arroyo (lead vocals), Lina Luna (lead vocals), Isaac Pena (trumpet, vocals), Sekou Heath (Cuban 'tres guitar), Raul Perales (bass), Roberto Medina (bongo), and Sylvia Sherman (congas). 'La Clave de Mi Corazon' also features guest artists, Jesus Dias (quinto), Roman 'Ito' Carrillo (buleador and subidor, Puerto Rican barriles), Marco Diaz (piano) and Michael Duran (second trumpet). Combining the musical ideas and perspectives of artists from different generations has strengthened La Familia's sound and development. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT LA FAMILIA SON 'La Familia's presentations are one of a kind...the bands original idea from traditional 'son' to old school salsa is what makes La Familia stand out.' -- Padrisimo Magazine April 2004 'The Afro Cuban sounds of La Familia were a highlight to many of our market goers that attended (The Union City Summer Music Series) this year.' -- Chris Valuckas, City of Union City - September 2004 'Just wanted to thank La Familia for performing at Music in the Park. Great music, alot of dancing and people enjoying themselves-it was wonderful! -- Chelle Putzer, City of Albany - September 2005 THE SONGS La Clave de Mi Corazon: Lyrics: Sylvia Sherman and Roberto Medina Music: Raul Perales and Isaac Peña Arranged by La Familia Son This tune honors the clave, which is the cornerstone rhythm to music of the African Diaspora. In this song, the open heart is the clave that relates family, music and life. La Familia Came to Get the Party Started: Composed and arranged by La Familia Son Verse 1: Violeta Arroyo, Verse 2: Lina Luna This song is an original tune that evolved out of a La Familia jam session. It draws from Cuban son and invites dancers to have a great time with La Familia! Llegò Maria La O: Composed by Florencio Cedeño Arranged by La Familia Son This song is inspired by a typical Cuban rumba. The diana, the vocal introduction, and verse is sung in a beautifully harmonious duetfollowed by swinging coro/pregones and a spirited trumpet solo by Isaac Peña in this La Familia Son arrangement. Camina Con Tumbao: Composed by Roberto Medina in collaboration with Sylvia Sherman Arranged by La Familia Son Thanks to creative input from Jesus Diaz on the first coro. This playful tune was originally inspired by the jingle of a Mexican nursery rhyme. It carries a subtle message to the listener about what can happen when pride gets in the way. But, mostly this song is created for dancers to burn up the floor! Consejos de Mi Madre: Lyrics: Maria Aguilar Lambert Music: Raul Perales Arranged by Raul Perales in collaboration with La Familia Son This tune is a collaboration between Raul Perales who created the music and his mother who wrote the lyrics. It honors the advice we receive from our elders and advises us to use past experiences to guide our actions. El Tio Esta En Lio: Composed and Arranged by La Familia Son Verse 1 Lyrics: Sylvia Sherman, Verse 2 Lyrics: Lina Luna This original tune translated means 'Uncle Sam is in a Jam'. It was originally created after the U.S. sent troops to Afghanistan and was updated after the war in Iraq. The lyrics of this funky son invites listeners to join the chorus for this anti-war song. La Negra Tomasa: Composed by Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe Arranged by Los Ahijados La Familia's rendition of this classic son comes from a less known version from 'Los Ahijados' led by CucoValoy. This arrangement features a beautiful vocal duet as well as tres and bongo solos. Consuelate Composed by Ascencio Hernàndez Arranged by La Familia Son This tune is greatly inspired by the version of this rumba interpreted by the legendary Cuban singer, Carlos Embale. La Familia Son sets the rumba to son in this arrangement that features a beautiful duet and a funky final coro that seals the spirit of this tune, which gives the listener advice on dealing with a broken heart. Isla: Composed and arranged by La Familia Verse lyrics by Lina Luna La Familia Son had the good fortune to play for the wedding of two daughters from the same family in the summer of 2003. This tune was inspired by a request from the family for a song that could speak to their home country. No Me Llores Mas: Composed by Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon Arrangement by La Familia Son Pregon Lyrics: Violeta Arroyo La Familia interprets this legendary salsa classic, originally sung by Hector Lavoe, with the infusion of traditional Puerto Rican bomba rhythms and new pregones. Familiarizate: Composed by Sekou Heath Verse 1: Lina Luna, Verse 2, Violeta Arroyo Arrangement by La Familia Son La Familia Son uses this swinging tune to introduce the band and it's members on a live gig and invites the audience to 'familiarize' themselves with La Familia.

1.1 La Clave de Mi Coraz;#243;N
1.2 La Familia Came to Get the Party Started
1.3 Llego Maria la O
1.4 Camina Con Tumbao
1.5 Consejos de Mi Madre
1.6 El Tio Esta en Lio
1.7 La Negra Tomasa
1.8 Consuelate
1.9 Isla
1.10 No Me Llores Mas
1.11 Familiarizate

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