Lablaque Mc

Lablaque Mc: Terminal Rillness

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lablaque Mc

Title: Terminal Rillness
Label: CD Baby

A ONE OF A KIND. The Power of The Spoken Word,ya heard? '...Cause to me/M.C. means MOVE THE CROWD.' -Rakim (1986) This sentiment was expressed 20 years ago and the definition still holds true. If you take on the title of 'M.C.',moving crowds is your responsibility. This being said, it's obvious that Lablaque M.C. is not one to take his obligations lightly. If you have ever witnessed the live spoken word of Lablaque,you know full well that he 'moves' crowds on a regular basis. Now he takes on the challenge of harnessing the force and passion of his spoken word and channelling it into a collection of 10 songs entitled 'Terminal Rillness'. The disc opens with a beat that sounds like a there's a storm brewing at your front door. Thunderous bass lays the foundation for Lablaque to stirke with 'Whutalife',a peice that recognizes the stuggles and strife of life yet doesn't give in to the wieght of the world on ones shoulders. From the opening lines you can hear the urgency in Lablaque's voice. With every track the subject matter may vary, but the theme of 'Terminal Rillness' holds true with each statement. With 'Strong Blaque Man' Lablaque passes the mic back and forth with fellow poet 'the Modern Griot' Keith Brantley,all while giving each and every brother of color within earshot a source of pride and encouragement. Lablaque's storytelling skills manifests itself in the first person on 'Jail Cell Farewell',a send off from an inmate who doesn't want to see his cellmate return. Meanwhile, 'Freedom' is a statement of what we ALL want and need as Blacks in America,seeing as how we only have 'One Life To Give',Lablaque's agenda is evident. His words represent a man who recognizes that trying to live a righteous life in a wicked world is a crazy game in which 'Money Rules'. But there is no time for tales of spinning rims and excessive bling. Lablaque explores the root of all evil and details each and every branch for those who fail to see the forest because of the trees. When Lablaque asks 'Who Turned The Lights Out?',he's defining the nature of the threat AGAINST as well as FROM black people. Oh,it's deep...but 'Deeper' shows that while Lablaque recognizes the evil in the world,he also recognizes beauty in the form of the Black Woman. A testament of love and appreciation to our queens who may serve as your only comfort due to the fact that 'Shitz Crazzee' in the 'land Of The Free'. To be honest,even though Lablaque explores various topics on his C.D., all 10 tracks on this project are actually love poems...tough love. The type of love that won't allow one to waste your time wilth trivial things or sensationalized fanfare. The type of love that everyone should have for themselves...self preservation. So if you find yourself asking the question 'what's REALLY goin on?',you just might want to check out Lablaque M.C.,and get diagnosed with 'Terminal Rillness'. Reviewer: Allen Etchane Jackson For Booking and Appearances info contact: LABLAQUE at 702 303-4921 email: website: LABLAQUEHOUSE.COM/.

1.1 Whutalife
1.2 Strong Blaque Man
1.3 Jail Cell Farewell
1.4 Freedom
1.5 One Life to Give
1.6 Money Rules
1.7 Who Turned Out the Lights
1.8 Deeper
1.9 Shitz Crazzee
1.10 Land of the Free

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