Lace Walker

Lace Walker: Acoustic Sketches

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lace Walker

Title: Acoustic Sketches
Label: CD Baby

15 original compositions/improvisations on acoustic guitar, each painting a unigue musical landscape. Full of variety and musical depth, these songs easily accompany you at home or on the road, while dining, working, or just kicking back. This is music that centers the soul and enhances whatever you are doing with it's rich texture and fullness. Could easily serve as a soundtrack for film or TV.

1.1 New Day
1.2 Heart Smile
1.3 Istanbul
1.4 The Center
1.5 Big Foot
1.6 Down the Block
1.7 Falling Again
1.8 Catching Up
1.9 Sunday Feeling
1.10 Innocent Trip
1.11 Last Mile
1.12 The Opening
1.13 Slippery
1.14 Sweet Tears
1.15 End of the Day

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