Ladie's Night

Ladie's Night: Round Dance Songs By Cree Women

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ladie's Night

Title: Round Dance Songs By Cree Women
Label: CD Baby

The inspiring story of Delia Waskewitch has brought on this eclectic recording from some of the most well respected women singers of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Dedicated to all the women who love to sing and recorded for all the women who sometimes felt discouraged because they were told it's not their place to sing, this CD honors and encourages all lady backup singers to sing what's in your heart, sing for yourself, sing from your inner spirit because tonight's 'Ladies Night.'

1.1 Once Again
1.2 Nismis
1.3 Iskwewak
1.4 Beauty's Everywhere
1.5 Sing Along
1.6 Strength of a Woman
1.7 Keep Our Language Strong
1.8 We're Here to Sing for You
1.9 Honkeytonk Angels
1.10 Thank You
1.11 Be Proud of Our Culture
1.12 I've Got This Feeling
1.13 Grandpa's Song
1.14 Insight to Ladies Night
1.15 Party Hardy

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