Lage Lund: Owl Trio

Lage Lund: Owl Trio
Title: Owl Trio
Label: Losen Records

This recording project brings together three extraordinary musicians who form the Owl Trio. Writes producer Jimmy Katz: "It was made in a former church I discovered when I was asked to photograph Pat Metheny for his Orchestrion recording project. I felt this location had a special sound that would be very sympathetic to the music and instrumentation of the trio. I attempted to record Orlando, Will and Lage with the utmost attention to detail, so that the group would sound as if they were playing in a real space in front of the listener. The trio used complete takes of each song so there are no edits and most of these tracks are either first or second takes.

1.1 Morning Glory
1.2 All Across the City
1.3 I Should Care
1.4 Hallow
1.5 Dear Lord
1.6 Yesterdays
1.7 Churchgoing
1.8 Sweet and Lovely
1.9 From This Moment on
1.10 Blues for Jimmy
1.11 Moonstone

Lage Lund: Owl Trio

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