Lamb of God

Lamb of God: Ashes Of The Wake - 15th Anniversary

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Artist: Lamb of God

Artist: Lamb of God
Title: Ashes Of The Wake - 15th Anniversary
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download. To commemorate the 15th Anniversary of Lamb of God's classic Ashes Of The Wake, the album is now being released on double-vinyl with four non-LP tracks, including the B-Side "Another Nail For Your Coffin" and previously unreleased demos.

1.1 Laid to Rest
1.2 Hourglass
1.3 Now You've Got Something to Die for
1.4 The Faded Line
2.1 Omerta
2.2 Blood of the Scribe
2.3 One Gun
2.4 Break You
3.1 What I've Become
3.2 Ashes of the Wake
3.3 Remorse Is for the Dead
4.1 Another Nail for Your Coffin
4.2 Laid to Rest (Pre-Production Demo)
4.3 Ashes of the Wake (Pre-Production Demo)
4.4 Remorse for the Dead (Pre-Production Demo)

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