Lambic: Lambic

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Artist: Lambic

Artist: Lambic
Title: Lambic

Lambic is a style of Belgian ale that is spontaneously fermented from wild yeasts. Lambic is also a band featuring Paul Sullivan on guitars and effects, and Stephen Moses (ALICE DONUT) on drums, trombone, and effects. Lambic is spontaneously fermented music, free improvisation with a groove. I first played with Steve when we were in a psychedelic rock band. We had each been doing solo performances for years using effects and loops. When we joined forces, Lambic was spontaneously created. It's joyful music that can and does go everywhere. Like it's namesake, Lambic is always changing and evolving, often unpredictable but always exciting. We never know where it's going to go, and that is the point. This is our first CD. It was recorded live at Seizures Palace, Brooklyn by Jason Lafarge.

1.1 No.1
1.2 Boilover
1.3 Emerge
1.4 Night Air
1.5 Cuvee Rene
1.6 Wild Yeast
1.7 Rodehard/Ouch

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