Lance Allen: Naturally

Lance Allen: Naturally
Title: Naturally
Label: CD Baby

Lance Allen was born and raised in Kentucky. His father brought him home from the hospital and took pictures of him next to his own guitars. This was the beginning of what his father had always hoped for. He grew and took and interest in the guitar at 12 years old. Lance became very motivated and learned all sorts of music from guitar legends as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. A move to Ohio and a new guitar teacher opened Lance\'s eyes to the world of Fingerstyle guitar. Some of the people he was introduced to were Chet Atkins, Phil Keaggy, Merle Travis, and Tommy Emmanuel. Tommy was and continues to be one of Lance\'s main influences, although he listens to lots of different music. \'Inspiration is all around me.\' Lance would say. He teaches guitar, and his students inspire him. And his wife, Twila, who takes all of his pictures. You can hear Lance\'s music on PBS all around the country. He\'s been published with Melbay and with Fingerstyle guitar many times. Not only that, he was inducted into the Thumbpickers Hall of Fame in 2008. He\'s been quoted, \'A mean guitar player!\' by Peter Frampton. Tommy Emmanuel is \'proud\' of Lance and the work he is doing. Pete Huttlinger likes his chops, as many guitarist say! You\'ll love this CD, and keep an eye on his career as a guitarist and you\'ll see more beautiful music to come.

1.1 Naturally
1.2 The Gardner
1.3 Santaniello's Dream
1.4 The Olympians
1.5 Spring Time
1.6 Beach Walk
1.7 Play It By Ear
1.8 Beautiful Day
1.9 Violet Song
1.10 Johnny's Invention
1.11 The Truth
1.12 Portrait of An Old Man
1.13 Elementary Paint
1.14 After All
1.15 London Walk
1.16 Sweet Life

Lance Allen: Naturally

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