Lance Brewer

Lance Brewer: Black Rabbit Road

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lance Brewer

Title: Black Rabbit Road
Label: CD Baby

Some people are blessed to be musicians. Some people are gifted as singers. Some people are talented as lyricists. And some people are great at all three. While Lance Brewer is a musician, a singer, and a lyricist - he is best known as a storyteller. His simple guitar playing and heartfelt voice combine to help tell a compelling array of stories. Some of his stories are completely true. Some of them are based on truth. Some are works of fiction. Some of them are deeply personal. But whatever the story, Lance tells it with obvious sincerity and transparency. He prefers to tell most of his stories in the first person, whether they really happened to him or not. He finds this brings the listener closer to the song, placing them inside of the story. His songs are designed to take the listener to another place. It could be a place of sorrow, brokenness, pain, anger, and bitterness. It could be a place of joy, happiness, laughter, smiles, and peace. It could be a place of contemplation, longing, searching, wistfulness, and spirituality. His songs and stories are intended to be a journey. It may take a complete album to realize the whole journey. But you will find a constant thread in his writing that deals with total depravity and total redemption. He doesn't shy away from asking questions or stating truths. Nor does he look to wrap up a song in a nice and tidy fashion. He merely tells a story. Whether the story is about child abuse, suicide, alcoholism, murder, adultery, the occult, faith, love, grace, truth, God, man, heaven, war, hell, lust, the gospel, or even ghosts - you will find lance writing, singing, and playing from a place that is very real. In the words of Truman Capote, 'To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the inner music that words make. Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade - just as painting does, or music. If you are born knowing them, fine. If not, learn them. Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself.' Without question Lance writes from a very personal place, and he looks to reach the listener in an equally personal way. And he does so in his own way. ...Lance has numerous influences, although they may not always translate into his own music. However he counts Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan as his greatest influences, and he often draws from them for inspiration. He's proud to live in Cincinnati, Ohio - a city that is home to many talented artists such as Over the Rhine, Griffin House, Ric Hordinski, and Kim Taylor. ...Hear what others have said about Lance Brewer: 'Dark stuff...heavy listening...a lot of pain...but there is redemption to his story...compelling...Lance is a great songwriter who tells the truth.' - Jeremy Casella 'Cool stuff, very Johnny Cash...' - Andrew Osenga.

1.1 Black Rabbit Road
1.2 Sad But True
1.3 A Prayer for Mama
1.4 The Ghost of Esther Hale
1.5 Unlike You (I Am Doing Fine)
1.6 The Least of These

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