Landia: Unleashing the Truth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Landia

Title: Unleashing the Truth
Label: CD Baby

Landia has been called the definitive groove of the new millennium! Quite simply, this music represents a truly fresh style that weaves the fabric of American pop, rock, jazz, folk and R & B into a unique groove. All who hear it cannot believe that somehow this music defies catagorization! If you are looking for a dose of positive energy and a new groove then you've come to the ultimate destination: Landia: Unleashing The Truth!

1.1 My Love, I'm Waiting for You
1.2 You Are
1.3 Every Season
1.4 In Flight
1.5 In the Blink of An Eye
1.6 The Cost of Freedom
1.7 The Heartbeat of Two Souls
1.8 Where's My Friend
1.9 Red Roses
1.10 Restoration Bell

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