Landon Smith

Landon Smith: Collide

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Landon Smith

Title: Collide
Label: CD Baby

Pop rock artist Landon Smith is capturing listeners with his energetic music loaded with melodic hooks and real emotive value. He hits you in the heart with musical power and meets you in the mind with his songwriting smarts. Landon's rock songs are catchy, dare you to sing along, and make you want to hit repeat. The creative process for Landon is a matter of applying his formidable talent to bringing the moments of his personal life to the listeners in the audience. Unafraid to use his own existence as rich material on which to base his songwriting, he is able to make music in which people can see themselves. "My music reflects what's going on in my life," says Smith. Fuse that to strong pop grooves and the hits are here. The final factor is Smith's serious emotional savvy. He knows how to touch on the power of the human heart with genuine passion rather than trite emotional manipulation. "My writing is inspired by situations that have taken place in my life as well as the lives of people close to me." All the motivation Landon needs to write his songs is that same basic need felt by all of us. In different people it manifests in different ways. With Landon, the focus is music. Music provides him with his sense of direction and, through him, offers the listener outstanding pop rock sounds. "Music makes me feel like I have some kind of purpose since it's the only thing I've ever really understood."

1.1 Crawl
1.2 Shakin
1.3 Baby I
1.4 Roseanne
1.5 Collide
1.6 Carry on
1.7 Who I Am
1.8 Save Me
1.9 Tuesday Night
1.10 Sometimes
1.11 Just Rest

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