Lara Ewen

Lara Ewen: Ghosts & Gasoline

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lara Ewen

Title: Ghosts & Gasoline
Label: CD Baby

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Lara Ewen sets the lyrical focus of classic storytelling against an acoustic backdrop rooted in alternative country, folk and Americana music. Her songs feature fluid guitar melodies and frank yet intimate vocals that travel the roads between destinations, and live in the spaces between people. 'Ghosts and Gasoline' (2007) is Lara's first full-length album, and follows on the heels of her 2002 'Clear' EP, a raw, bare-bones acoustic release. Joining Lara on 'Ghosts and Gasoline' is The Unstrung Orchestra, featuring Howard Rappaport on guitar, Donald Facompre on bass, and Jordan Lash on drums. The album was recorded at New York City's Mavericks Studios and was produced by Allen Farmelo (Ian Gillan, Rachel Z).

1.1 Josephine
1.2 The Airport Song
1.3 Untethered
1.4 Turning Blue
1.5 Our Song
1.6 Clear
1.7 20 Years Ago
1.8 Manhattan/Kansas
1.9 Misery Wholesale
1.10 Blessed
1.11 A Way to You

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