Lariat: Means of Production

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Artist: Lariat

Artist: Lariat
Title: Means of Production

This upstate NY band hit hard with their full-length debut. Not your typical metalcore band - they have a crustier, dirtier feel with harsh, ugly vocals, political lyrics, and songs that mix up frantic metal with straightforward brutality. All the song lyrics have accompaning explanation. This disc put these guys on the hardcore map. If you like heavy (real heavy) metalcore with more punch than the Kool-Aid man...BUY THIS!

1.1 Monsanto
1.2 Thick As Thieves
1.3 Lesser of Two Evils
1.4 Rage Against the Machine Which You Are a Part of
1.5 We Have Fed
1.6 Consumer
1.7 Silence Is Golden
1.8 Casting the First Stone

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