Larry Bridges

Larry Bridges: Bridges

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Larry Bridges

Title: Bridges
Label: CD Baby

Larry has been singing for 50 years, but sounds more like he is 30 years old. He has a Masters Degree in Voice, but can belt a soulful r & b tune, swing song, or rock tune and make it sound natural, and not rigid. He's got an incredible vocal range. If you love good vocals, this is the album for you.

1.1 Harmony
1.2 Diamond
1.3 Gotta Sing
1.4 Old Movies
1.5 Stockmarket Sally
1.6 Dreaming of Your Eyes
1.7 Perfect Day
1.8 First Time I Saw You
1.9 Music Speaks Louder Than Words
1.10 Even Old People

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