Larry Lavey

Larry Lavey: D.J.-Play Me Some Blues

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Larry Lavey

Title: D.J.-Play Me Some Blues
Label: CD Baby

All-new,all-original, all-blues. Nothin' but blues. Solid blues.

1.1 Hello, There, Baby
1.2 Sunday Mornin'
1.3 Dirty Dishes
1.4 D.J.-Play Me Some Blues
1.5 Catfish Dinner
1.6 The Last Bus Out of Town
1.7 Put Your Shoes on, Mama
1.8 I Lost What I Never Had
1.9 Blue Collar Mood
1.10 Another Emptytable for Two
1.11 I'm Talkin' to Ya!
1.12 T-Bone Steak
1.13 Break It to Me Gently, If You Please
1.14 Slow-Movin' River
1.15 Swing Shift
1.16 Timne to Call It a Day

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