Larry: Lucy I'm in Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Larry

Title: Lucy I'm in Love
Label: CD Baby

These two seasoned talents have put out a delightfully tasty collection of pop songs. They're not hard rock, they're not alt rock, they're not Americana ... they're not derivative either since these two have been around the first time some of these so called retro sounds were considered edgy. I have to admit this was really pleasant, and thankfully didn't suck hairy tennis balls through a straw. This was obviously a record the boys wanted to make, as there's a tight looseness to the recording that gives this an easy natural feeling. You can tell they're having fun. Most of the songs work really well. I really like the groove of the title track - it almost sounds like a song Barenaked Ladies could record. 'When You Comin' Home' is a song that is so familiar I can't quite place it (Train, Dave Matthews, The Who?). There are some unabashed pop songs such as 'I'm in Love' which is infectious. Glen has a pleasant everyman voice, which lends a lot to the recording. Marty is quite the busy bee throughout, playing not only bass, but guitar, keyboards, percussion and organ. David Raven add the back beat, which is very cool. Glen Lystne has been around a while toiling in various bands you've probably never heard of such as Citizen Joe. Marty Dieckmeyer is a different story, at least from my perspective, Marty was Daniel Amos' original bass player, and as far as I'm concerned in my rock pantheon you don't get any bigger than the venerable rocking cowboys.

1.1 Don't Worry
1.2 When You Coming Home
1.3 Dug in Deep
1.4 Happy
1.5 Mr. Time
1.6 Lucy
1.7 Maybe Someday
1.8 Follow the Sun
1.9 Green Room
1.10 I'm in Love
1.11 Rollin
1.12 Your Kiss

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