Larry Mink

Larry Mink: Imaginary Ride

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Larry Mink

Title: Imaginary Ride
Label: CD Baby

All tracks were produced written,arranged and played by me, except Crosshair which was cowritten with my friend Dallas Moore. I hope ya like it. I'll see ya when you get back.....FAQS.#1.What inspired you to write Imaginary Ride? LM. Cabin fever I guess,and a chance to do something different.Q#2 Is the motorcycle sound on track 2, sound effects or real? LM. Real 19-76 ElectraGlide shovel.Q#3.Do you eat gravy&biscuits? LM.If it's good yes,but not every chef or cook can make good G&B.It's both science and art.Growing up in rural KY in the 40's and 50's was'nt easy,but if you had a stomach full of G&B you wouldn't get hungry all day and we ate a lot of it. Q#4 Have you ever crashed on a bike? LM. More than a few times and it was never fun.Lots of road rash,serious injuries none critical,Momma prayed. ......more of this interview later.... Support web radio Ray dj Somewhere Between.. Serge Levet and Christian Maraillac..Blues News....Indie and Roots music. Email

1.1 Imaginary Ride
1.2 Rockcastle County Blues
1.3 Gravy ; Biscuit
1.4 Dellas Stien
1.5 Loafin Time
1.6 Crosshair
1.7 Iraq Farmers Lament
1.8 Thanks Again (Inst.)
1.9 Sunshine on the Mountain (Inst.)

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