Larry T & the Apostrophes

Larry T & the Apostrophes: T, Larry & the Apostrophes : Final Werd

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Artist: Larry T & the Apostrophes
Title: T, Larry & the Apostrophes : Final Werd

Larry T and the Apostrophes form the impetus of a new genre of music - acid folk. An eclectic blend of non-traditional dulcimer tempered with heavy metal influence, acid folk permeates the soul of the unspoken with convoluted vocal harmonies and eclectic lyrics. The non-traditional dulcimer is the Powerdulcimer, a chromatic electric version of the Appalachian instrument. The rock influence provides an alluring introspective beat to songs which speak of peace and love - and sometimes just the way it is. To date, Larry T and the Apostrophes only exist on Fridays in the basement of Karen Ray Studios,LLC - an obscure residence south of Nashville, Tennessee. God bless us all. AMEN, BROTHER!!

1.1 Pretty Girl
1.2 Powerdulcimer
1.3 I Don't Care
1.4 Slow Moment
1.5 Dragonfly Pronto
1.6 Dakota
1.7 Walk with Me
1.8 In the Moment Punk
1.9 Only in America
1.10 Powerdulcimer Coda
1.11 Hayden
1.12 Free As a Country
1.13 Broadway Lake
1.14 Nashville Boogie Blues
1.15 Alone and Tired
1.16 Tell It to the Other One
1.17 House of the Rising Sun

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