Lasse Ehn: Sound of Polarity

Lasse Ehn: Sound of Polarity
Title: Sound of Polarity
Label: CD Baby

Here is what some magazines said about the album JazzNyt (Denmark) 'I can't help loving this album, it's handmade, happy, extrovert and extremely well played fusion.' Orkesterjournalen (Sweden)) 'Listening to 'Bro' makes me think of the sound of Mike Stern and Michael Brecker playing together in eachothers groups and Steps Ahead.' LIRA (Sweden) 'Shapeshifter starts with a low thunder that grasps a hold of me, I can't move away from the speakers, I must stay until the transformation is complete. V Mood' reminds me of a song played at the end of a movie, the light goes back on, but I don't want to leave. It got the slow notes that I want to hear more of.'

1.1 Polarity Intro
1.2 Bro
1.3 Shapeshifter
1.4 Klubbor
1.5 Basement
1.6 V Mood
1.7 Jcred

Lasse Ehn: Sound of Polarity

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