Lasse Marhaug

Lasse Marhaug: All Music at Once

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Artist: Lasse Marhaug

Artist: Lasse Marhaug
Title: All Music at Once

For 20 years running, Lasse Marhaug has been one of the leading names in noise. All Music at Once is unmistakebly Marhaug; with dense blocks of sound slowly building towards cathartic climaxes. And as often characteristic with Marhaug's music; in spite of the sonic violence there is strong sense of composition going on. Marhaug makes Noise Music, not just noise.

1.1 Born Cold
1.2 Blood of the Beasts
1.3 Feed the Earth and Master It
1.4 Don't Buy Bread, Buy Dynamite
1.5 All Music at Once
1.6 Mountain of the Seven Vultures

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