Last Charge of the Light Horse: Fractures

Last Charge of the Light Horse: Fractures
Title: Fractures
Label: CD Baby

'So many terrific independent albums crossed my desk this year that it's truly a challenge to pick one that rose above the rest. But if I have to, then it has to be Fractures. Jean-Paul Vest and his band Last Charge Of The Light Horse make what I can only describe as thinking-man's rock and roll, lyrics that demand you invest your full attention to their nuances and poetry even as the coiled intensity of Vest's guitar work continually ups the emotional ante. Forget about calling this "a record album" -- this is rich, wonderfully multilayered art.' -Jason Warburg, THE DAILY VAULT Last Charge Of The Light Horse...have captured lightning in a bottle the second time around...Vest is a true wordsmith, creating aural oil paintings in music and lyric. The depth and movement of the music is surprising given that we're talking about a bare-bones trio...Last Charge Of The Light Horse keeps it simple, and in simplicity finds magic and a complexity that is amazing. Fractures is a thing of beauty, a musical aesthetic that is destined to be under appreciated in a music business with an attention span shorter than that of Tom from 50 First Dates...there is an incredibly vibrant energy that runs through even the coolest of moments on Fractures, but it's a disc that really requires your full attention. You'll get out of it what you put into it. Fractures is a Wildy's World Certified Desert Island Disc; A classic. Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5) -Wildy's World, Wildy Haskell Fractures is the second CD from the Coram, NY trio Last Charge of the Light Horse. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Jean-Paul Vest and father/son rhythm section Artie and AJ Riegger (on drums and bass, respectively) recorded 11 new songs at Freeport's Vu Du Studio with producer Bob Stander, whose hefty resume includes credits on over 350 recordings. Fractures also features guest appearances by drummer Larry Eagle (of Bruce Springsteen's Sessions Band), and longtime Last Charge pals John & Wendy of Sugar Syndicate. Last Charge's debut CD Getaway Car was named Best Independent Album of 2005 by the Daily Vault, and received airplay on more than 80 AAA and college radio stations nationwide. The song The Second Time Around was featured on the PBS television series RoadTrip Nation. Newsday wrote that "Getaway Car is a rare disc that creates something original out of the traditional." WYRR Radio listed Last Charge of the Light Horse as one of their "Bands You Should Know," saying that "We can't say enough good things about this group. In a sea of boring college/alt rock drivel, this trio really stands out. Their latest, Getaway Car, has songs that will breathe hope into even the most jaded alt rock fans."

1.1 The New Year
1.2 Face to Face
1.3 Something Out of Nothing
1.4 One Kind Word
1.5 A New Expression
1.6 The Switch Is on
1.7 Time
1.8 Worth in Trade
1.9 A Song Like Yours
1.10 Spring Ahead
1.11 100,001

Last Charge of the Light Horse: Fractures

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