Last N Line

Last N Line: Art of Disaster

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Last N Line

Title: Art of Disaster
Label: CD Baby

A very interesting and innovative musical approach is taken on all 12 tracks of The Art Of Disaster. The instrumental side never fails to entertain with progressive, yet smooth and catchy riffs filling each track. Three vocalists add a good splash of variety to the vocals on the album, which is never short of passion. From the aggressive opening track 'Arachnophobia', to heavy hitters like 'Complete & Utter Confusion' and ' A Question Of Existence "all the way to the epic ballad 'Pinpoints & Thumbtacks ' The Art Of Disaster brings variety, power, and musical ingenuity throughout.

1.1 Arachnophobia
1.2 Motionless
1.3 That Looks Nothing Like a Heart
1.4 Oh the Irony
1.5 Complete ; Utter Confusion
1.6 Out of the Blue
1.7 Traitor Is Not in My Vocabulary
1.8 A Question of Existence
1.9 Words Like Paper
1.10 Bloodthirsty Butterflies
1.11 Back in the Game
1.12 Pinpoints ; Thumbtacks

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