Latch Key Kid

Latch Key Kid: Latch Key Kid

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Artist: Latch Key Kid

Artist: Latch Key Kid
Title: Latch Key Kid

Singer-Songwriter Gavin Heaney's homespun creations. 'Riding the same waves as Jack Johnson, Latchkey Kid washes up to shore with a sea of mellow surfer vibes, Seventies groove and Chuck Berry-era rockabilly blues...' -Richard Frias Music Connection Magazine.

1.1 Made of Light
1.2 I Gotta Move
1.3 See Where It Goes
1.4 Alana
1.5 Get So Lonely
1.6 Reckon Ball
1.7 Give Your Love
1.8 Push Comes to Shove
1.9 Yesterday
1.10 Bye Bye Blue Sky

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