Lauermann: I N

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Artist: Lauermann

Artist: Lauermann
Title: I N

This is the cellist and composer Lukas Lauermann's second solo recording. The artist is much in demand, especially wherever contemporary and experimental music are the order of the day... but the kind that doesn't send the average listener running for cover. This work, titled "I N", illustrates a very particular state: Someone does some soul-searching by looking INward - and in the same instance is receiving external INput. As the music navigates the 12 semitones of the traditional scale, accompanying sounds beyond the central cello rear their heads: tuning forks, synthesizer, and piano. Sometimes the sounds are being altered electronically. Sometimes they are being listened to through the cello, which turns the venerable string instrument into a soundboard for external musical sources. But it doesn't stop here: Lauermann takes binary codes and translates them into rhythm. He sees his own musical ideas as seeds that germinate, combine, become an organism, rewire... and which can be approached from any end or at any intermediate point. He looks for perfection in the microscopic. And best of all: Even if you know all of that... you won't be able to hear it! You can simply let yourself sink INto it!

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