Laughing Crow

Laughing Crow: Emergence

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Laughing Crow

Title: Emergence
Label: CD Baby

'How did I get started on the flute path?', people ask. When I was a small boy, my hometown in the Piney Woods of East Texas had a large lumber mill and our house was close by. Every morning at 5:15am a series of whistles would blow to wake up the mill workers. Whoever blew these whistles would play the most haunting melody which seemed to last for an eternity. I used to try with all my might to sleep through this concert as it would frighten me, as a young boy, to hear the eerie harmonies that floated through the surrounding town and forests. As I grew older I became used to this morning serenade and didn't think much of it any more. After being away from my home town for a couple of decades I was reminded of the feelings I used to have as these melodies wafted through the dawn. Thus began my search rekindle the deep feelings and emotions that only these kinds of haunting sounds can bring forth. My goal with this music is to touch the primal music loving heart in all of us. Those who are familiar with Native American style music and love it, know that 'heart tug' that I'm talking about. It's like, 'I've been here before. This is all so familiar'. This music makes a great soundscape for your every day life, for massage, for meditation. There are no surprises, here. Listen, enjoy and allow the soothing tones to wash away the dust of a stressful day.

1.1 Emergence
1.2 Navajo Sky
1.3 Slumbering Forest
1.4 Island in the Sky
1.5 Crow Hop
1.6 Bowl of Stars
1.7 Ebb ; Flow
1.8 Reflections
1.9 Dunes
1.10 Visibility Unlimited
1.11 Raven's Flight
1.12 Kokopelli's Walk
1.13 Why
1.14 Madera Sangria
1.15 Wee Hours
1.16 Oak Creek
1.17 Tree Song

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