Laura Beth Payne

Laura Beth Payne: Mill Sessions

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Title: Mill Sessions
Label: CD Baby

Where the roots of bluegrass and old time run deep in the Blue Ridge, Laura Beth and Clover Hollow are springing up with a new sound that branches into a bridge between the heart of Appalachia and the soul of Americana. Coming from various backgrounds, the band came together in 2007 as a trio in Blacksburg, VA, nestled in mountains rich in the heritage of bluegrass and old time music. By the time the debut CD, The Mill Sessions, was finished in 2010, they had grown to 7 members strong. Before finding each other, they played everything from Memphis blues, bluegrass, southern gospel, classical, and rock among others. Their sound, influenced by the music that comes out of the mountains around them, is distilled to something totally new and refreshing. Melodies that run clear and instrumentals that run strong under beautifully soulful vocals and thoughtful lyrics, flow convincingly and passionately.

1.1 One
1.2 Devil Knocked
1.3 Lonesome Road
1.4 Highway
1.5 If You Go
1.6 Glory Bound
1.7 Don't Take It Too Bad
1.8 Wayward Traveler
1.9 Cowboy Song
1.10 Sweet Love
1.11 Soldier's Tune
1.12 Killing the Blues
1.13 Lullaby
1.14 Straight and Narrow

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