Laura Hall: I See a Tiger

Laura Hall: I See a Tiger
Title: I See a Tiger
Label: CD Baby

Most people recognize Laura Hall as the musical director and improvisational pianist on the ABC hit, WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?, or from her guest star appearances on THE DREW CAREY SHOW live episodes. Yes, she's a great improviser, but she's also a wonderful singer/songwriter. Laura has made two recordings of original music for children, I SEE A TIGER and COME JOIN THE PARADE, that are now available on one CD. The CD features her lively, fun, music for kids, with catchy rhythms and imaginative lyrics. The songs are in a wide variety of musical styles, and are very accessible to today's kids. Songs include 'Polar Bears', which imagines what it would be like if the furry creatures took over your house; the jazzy 'Scared at Night', which deals in a humorous way with childrens' fear of the dark; 'I Love to Take a Bath', where kids get cleaned up to a lively country beat; and 'Wild Child', about a kid who's not always on her best behavior. Laura has worked with kids as a preschool teacher and music teacher. She's also a mother of two. She loves the spontaneous joy with which children respond to music, and she love to share that joy with kids.

1.1 The Jungle
1.2 Red Light Means Stop
1.3 Scared at Night
1.4 Playground
1.5 The Story of Your Family
1.6 Polar Bears
1.7 In Spanish
1.8 I'm Making Dinner Tonight
1.9 Brush Your Teeth
1.10 Goodnight Moon
1.11 I Love to Take a Bath
1.12 Come Join the Parade
1.13 I Wanna Be a Cowgirl
1.14 Take a Nap
1.15 Baby Brother
1.16 Bike Song
1.17 Brand New Puppy
1.18 Once Upon a Time
1.19 Wild Child
1.20 Pete Said
1.21 Little Bird

Laura Hall: I See a Tiger

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