Laura Marling

Laura Marling: A Creature I Don't Know

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Artist: Laura Marling

Artist: Laura Marling
Title: A Creature I Don't Know

Since her emergence from the London folk scene in 2007 Laura continues to be one of the most exciting musical talents of her generation. A CREATURE I DON'T KNOW is a boldly accomplished and endlessly impressive album. Ten songs of intricate and captivating storytelling, buoyed by Marling's rich voice, evocative lyrics and the precise, confident playing on every track. Her delivery is pitch perfect, her voice going from delicate whisper to brooding murmur and rousing wail, sometimes all in the very same sentence.

1.1 The Muse
1.2 I Was Just a Card
1.3 Don't Ask Me Why
1.4 Salinas
1.5 The Beast
1.6 Night After Night
1.7 My Friends
1.8 Rest in the Bed
1.9 Sophia
1.10 All My Rage

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