Laura Pallas

Laura Pallas: Best of

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Artist: Laura Pallas

Artist: Laura Pallas
Title: Best of

One of the Record Shack family of High NRG singers, Laura Pallas became famous for her High NRG cover of the Invitations' old Northern Soul biggie, "Ski-ing in the Snow" but her version became more well known to a much wider audience. Laura was discovered by Edwin Starr, who produced a couple of tracks on her in 1982. English producer Ian Levine caught her act at a London nightclub and was hooked, and immediately signed her to the Record Shack label in 1983. This is a collection of her most well known tracks. Digitally remastered.

1.1 Ski-Ing in the Snow
1.2 Face from the Past
1.3 Emergency
1.4 Hands Off
1.5 Revenge Is Sweet
1.6 I Go Weak at the Knees
1.7 Determination
1.8 Twenty Twenty Vision
1.9 Money Can't Buy (The Love I Give)

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