Laura Preble

Laura Preble: Voices in My Head

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Laura Preble

Title: Voices in My Head
Label: CD Baby

Singer-songwriter Laura Preble's album Voices In My Head combines her beautiful and subtle vocal talents with authentic, poignant and catching lyrics. The CD features songs about love and the deceptions people are willing to endure to achieve it; anthems about empowerment and overcoming the odds; and music that describes the debate of style vs. Substance, and spiritual fulfillment. Voices In My Head is full of outstanding musicianship, complete with horns, heavenly choirs, and a string quartet.

1.1 I Believe
1.2 Can't Get Out
1.3 Air
1.4 Beach
1.5 Goodbye Song
1.6 Valeria
1.7 Make Me Marilyn
1.8 Time to Get on
1.9 These Days
1.10 Juliet/Desire
1.11 Stranger in This House
1.12 Mystery

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