Laura Stevenson: Cocksure

Laura Stevenson: Cocksure
Title: Cocksure
Label: Don Giovanni Records

With influences ranging from The Lemonheads, Liz Phair, and The Replacements, to early Weezer and the Smoking Popes, Cocksure maintains Stevenson's unique vulnerability, and steadfast devotion to a solid and honest melody. In the writing process, she challenged herself to be true to whatever was going to come out of her, with many of the tracks featuring melodies that were purely stream of consciousness.

1.1 Out with a Whimper
1.2 Torch Song
1.3 Jellyfish
1.4 Ticker Tape
1.5 Emily in Half
1.6 Diet of Worms
1.7 Happier, Etc
1.8 Fine Print
1.9 Claustrophobe
1.10 Life Is Long
1.11 Tom Sawyer You Know Where You Can Find Me

Laura Stevenson: Cocksure

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